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The Negative Impact of Brexit on National Health

September 26, 2016

Regardless of the political implications of Britain’s impending European Union exit, professionals within the healthcare sector have been almost unanimous when speaking out against the decision. There are various issues that we can expect to be raised as a result, some of them affecting our health as a nation either directly or indirectly. Here are the top four areas we expect to see suffer as a result of the EU exit.

4) Medical research – Without the EU, there are more barriers to efficiently sharing scientific research between countries. The UK currently benefits greatly from the information our own researchers have access to overseas, but being increasingly isolated from this will likely make progress slower, and we may miss out on crucial developments.

3) Smoking – European health campaigns against smoking tobacco have been supported by the EU and highly effective. Moreover, EU laws limiting the advertising that cigarette companies can undertake have had a great effect on UK businesses. Removing these restrictions may leave UK consumers more vulnerable to the exploitation of the resulting loopholes, and we know based on decades of evidence that advertising tobacco smoking is extremely costly for overall public health. Continue Reading