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Why Smear Testing For Cervical Cancer Is Vital

May 19, 2017

Many of the most dangerous risks to women’s health can actually be prevented in a high proportion of cases. This is usually a case of getting regular check-ups and tests done to make sure than any minor issues never get the chance to become more severe over time when they’re left undiagnosed and untreated.

One prime example is cancer, which still costs thousands of lives every year unnecessarily. Certain types of cancer are related exclusively to the female reproductive system, and one of these is cervical cancer. Although cancer is diagnosable and treatable at later stages, by far the most effective and safest option is to prevent it ever developing by monitoring and dealing with the earliest signs.

Smear testing, also known as pap testing, is something that’s highly recommended for women throughout their lives. This is usually conducted by a gynaecologist, and involves taking a tiny sample of cells from inside the cervix, the lower section of the womb which extends towards the vagina.

After taking the sample, your doctor or gynaecologist will have the results analysed and draw a conclusion about the nature of the cells. They will either be classed as normal or abnormal. Around 7-8% of smear tests will give an abnormal result.

Abnormal does not necessarily mean that a cancerous tumour has formed, and in fact this is a very rare result. What it does mean is that certain cells are demonstrating unusual genetic changes, which is known as dyskaryosis. In most cases, dyskaryosis will not be a long term problem and no serious consequences will happen.

However, your medical professional may want to find out more, in which case they may carry out a colposcopy (where a colposcope is inserted into the vagina, allowing the gynaecologist to see the extent of the dyskaryosis in more detail). This is the typical next step in the process, and it can determine whether treatment will be recommended or not. Additional waiting time might also be recommended to see if the problem resolves itself without the need for treatment, as it often does.

Even if dyskaryosis needs to be treated to reduce the risk of cancer developing, the success rate for treatment is very high, and increasingly so when smear tests are taken regularly enough to catch the problem early. The most serious cases of dyskaryosis will almost always take a long time to develop, and it is only when tests are not done regularly that cervical cancer is more likely to develop undetected.

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Common Gastrointestinal Problems in Women

July 12, 2016

The digestive system is, of course, what facilitates one of the most important processes within the human body. Eating the right food is the first step, but to actually benefit from the nutrients and substances we’re consuming, our bodies need to process them in the correct way. Vitamins, minerals and energy need to be converted into a different form so they can interact with the cells in our organs, which is why the process of digestion is essential.

Understanding what causes changes to this system is equally important, but potentially difficult, which can necessitate professional input from a specialist. Dr. Jim Portal, a gastroenterology doctor from Bristol, is one such doctor and he points out the following factors commonly associated with abdominal pain, discomfort and disruption to the digestive system. Continue Reading

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Important Information on Women’s Health Care Checks for Various Cancers i.e Breast or Cervical Cancer

March 3, 2015

Good health is the greatest asset that you can have however; most people do not recognise this until they get sick. This means that it is necessary to ensure that you maintain good health at all times by ensuring that you eat the right kind of food and live a healthy lifestyle. Women are usually more prone to health problems because of several factors. This is why they are always encouraged to go for medical check-ups for different diseases to determine their status. Cancer has become of the health issue that is affecting most women in the modern days. The different types of cancers have become more common because of lifestyle changes and other biological factors. This article offers some vital information about women’s health care checks for various cancers i.e. cancer of the cervix and breast cancer.

Why go for the check-ups?

Health checks for these two types of cancers assist to recognize the problem before the symptoms develop. This means that you should ensure that you go for the check-ups even if you feel fine and have a healthy lifestyle. The checks should be part of your regular medical care. By going for the regular check-ups, you will be able to determine if you have breast, cervical or any other type of cancer at an early stage. This will make sure that you will be able to manage the problem and prevent it from escalating into a bigger problem that might be very expensive to manage. It is good to note that some cancer check-ups have the ability to prevent the disease by getting the right changes in the body that might end up becoming cancer if they are not treated. Such as undergoing a colposcopy examination wherein any pre-cancerous changes in the cervix may be detected. Earlier breast or cervical cancer detection increases your survival rates and it also means that you will spend less time recovering from the problem.

During the check-ups your doctor will be in a position to inform you about your risk of cancer and the kind of check-ups you need to have. It is good that you inform your doctor of any history of cancer in your family. If your family has history of cancer, it means that you might have high risk of the same. Continue Reading

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Choosing the Best Women’s Health Care Staff Training & Training Consultancy Services

February 3, 2015

Being in good health is not something that should be taken for granted. It is good to note that with a population that is in good health, it is easy for the economy of a country to grow and develop at a high rate. This happens because a healthy population has the ability to engage in constructive activities that will push the economy high. In addition, it means that the government does not spend a lot of money to treat diseases and other issues related to health.

The health of women has become top priority in many countries, unlike in the past when some of the health issues affecting women were ignored. In the modern days there are a lot of initiatives that are geared to promoting women health. Most of the initiatives are not only geared towards treating the health issues, but also training and consultation. Women are encouraged to attend these trainings and consult on different t health issues that affect t them. This has led to rise of many Women’s health care staff training & training consultancy services. One important thing to note is that not all these services provide the level of services required. So, it is vital to select one that will offer the best. Here are top qualities of a great Women’s health care staff training & training consultancy service.

Highly qualified consultants

A great service must have consultants who are highly qualified in different health issues affecting women. This will ensure that they provide assistance that will help women of different ages be able to live a healthier life. In addition, such qualified experts will assist women put the right preventative mechanisms to help avoid some common diseases that affect them including cancer and others. Before you decide to seek help from any consultancy service, you must ensure that the staff are highly qualified by checking that they have the right clinical skills, health and social care staff training from the UK, and academic and accreditation documents from the relevant health institutions and authorities. By doing this you will get the correct information about your health and how to promote it.

Continue Reading

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6 Top Women Fitness Tips

January 3, 2015

It is the desire of every woman to remain fit and healthy at all times. It is important to note that it takes time and efforts for one to attain this high level fitness. Just sitting in the office or at home or living a sedentary lifestyle will not help you in any way to be fit. It is good for every woman to be active and live a healthy lifestyle in order to attain this high level fitness. There are several ways that can help you be fit and live high quality life that you have always desired to live. Below are some of the ways that can boost your fitness and health.

Perform exercise that you love

One of the most effective ways to attain high level fitness is to ensure that you perform regular exercises. Most women make the mistake of thinking that it is only vigorous exercise that can help them get fit. However, this is not the case because even simple body exercises are effective to make women attain the body shape, size and gain strength that they need. To ensure that you get the best results from the exercises, you should only do the ones that you love so that you do not get bored and remain motivated. Some of the simple and enjoyable exercises that will help you be fit include bowling, dancing in your room and even cleaning your house manually. These exercises will assist you because they make your body active and you also get a little out of breath when you do them. Make sure that you develop a habit of doing the exercises because if you do them and then stop, you will not get any positive results. Within a very short time, you will be amazed on how fit you will be.

Use the power of ten

The power of ten means engaging in an activity for ten minutes. This can be ten minutes of walking three times in a day will assist you have low blood pressure instead of taking a walk for a longer distance for thirty minutes. The simple way you can do this is to ensure that you walk to and from work, move up and down stairs instead of using a lift and others. These are simple exercises that will not only help you remain fit, but will also boost your health by ensuring that you do not get lifestyle diseases that result from being inactive. Continue Reading